A CPA, a Banker and a CEO dial into a Zoom meeting…(on December 9 at 4 pm)

2020 is drawing to a close.
Are you ready for 2021?

This year has dragged on…and flown by. You may ask how this is possible, but that’s NOT the question you should be asking. What are the questions you need to ask?  The MBA has put together a panel of experts – a CPA, an SBA loan expert and a local CEO and board expert – to offer you a look into what you need to do to prepare to close out this year, and to be sure you are ready for the next.

Wednesday, December 9
4 p.m. via Zoom

This discussion, the first in a three-part series, will focus on covering the hot topic issues that are facing us today. No one other than your personal professionals can give you specific advice, but this panel can give you the tools and suggestions you need to find the answers relevant to you and your business.


Gary W. Besser, Vice President,
SBA Relationship Manager, M&T Bank

Stephan Ramerini, Founder & Chief Visionary,

Michael J. Berger, CPA
Michael J. Berger & Co., LLP


Please email
for your link to join via Zoom.

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