Member Spotlight: Eric Taitz, Mark J. Snyder Financial Services

For more than 50 years, Mark J. Snyder Financial Services has been dedicated to transparency, equality, and meeting the needs of the local community. In a world where every financial service provider claims to be a “financial planner” or “fiduciary,” we set ourselves apart by providing local, personalized service and treating our clients like family.

Mark J. Snyder Financial Services manages more than 250 million dollars, and provides retirement planning, investment advisory, estate planning, and wealth preservation services. We are here to help clients successfully transition from paycheck to portfolio income when they retire; to build custom global investment strategies that are built to last and meet each family’s specific cash flow needs; to make the estate and wealth transfer planning process clear and understandable; and to create balanced wealth preservation strategies that lead to better outcomes in a full range of market environments.

Our mission is to serve the personal financial planning and investment management needs of those preparing for retirement, as well as the large population of retired individuals who have come to depend on us.

Conveniently located on North Ocean Avenue in Medford, our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide you with a free consultation to discuss ways in which we can meet your personal financial needs. Please visit us at or call (631) 289-4224 to learn more.


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