About Us

Our Mission

The MacArthur Business Alliance represents the interests of business, commerce, industry, not-for-profits and professionals in Suffolk County. The Alliance is revitalizing our efforts to foster cooperation and collaboration among Long Island businesses; advocate for the improvement and growth of the Long Island business community; and inform business owners and community members on issues of key importance to all Long Islanders. We want to establish positive and productive partnerships among Long Island businesses, non-profits, schools, and residents, the Alliance will act to create a stronger and more prosperous Long Island for all.

Since its inception in 1994, the MacArthur Business Alliance has represented the interests of the business community in the vicinity of MacArthur Airport and has since sought to expand its reach to all of Suffolk County. The Alliance, through the leadership of its Directors, is member-focused and exemplifies the principles of excellence, integrity, innovation, teamwork and leadership

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Over the years, the MBA has provided ongoing business programming which has addressed issues from tax law to financial planning, and from regional growth to labor law issues. The MBA has also provided a forum for interaction with both our Town and County government, providing many presentations on such topics as town planning and transportation issues.

Finally, MBA has remained active in interfacing with our local schools and charitable associations by participating in local school job fairs and charitable events. The MacArthur Business Alliance, fulfilling the dream and vision of its founder.